Erick and Monique — A Dynamic Duo

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Erick and Monique stopped by the studio last week for some headshots to promote themselves while pursuing their music career.  These two were great in front of the camera and were just naturals in taking direction and the camera just loved them.  We had previously photographed Monique's senior portraits a few years ago and this was the second time we photographed Erick's headshot so both of them were already comfortable with us and knew what to expect.  It was great to see them again after many years have gone by.  Erick is a full time musician who performs all around the valley at many different resorts and venues in the Scottsdale area.  He plays every Friday and Saturday evening at the Westin Kierland resort and spa.  Monique is going to ASU and and in between classes she is practicing and performing her music.  These siblings are very talented and I look forward to watching their career's grow in the next few years.

We started with a plan to just get a few headshots on a black background for both of them, but we had so much fun and ended up photographing a lot more.  Monique and Erick both brought a few outfits each along with their guitars to be in the portraits.  They didn't want just the average image, so we played around with different styles and used strong directional lighting to help tell their story.  The results were breathtaking and we truly captured images that were stylized for each of their personalities.


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Location: Studio

Photographers: Studio 3 Images (Andrew)


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