A very Important Portrait

Studio 3 Images works with, trains, and helps mentor many fellow photographers, and some of them have become really close friends. One of these close friends is Bruce Roscoe. Bruce is a talented, caring and all around great person who has worked in the photography industry for a long time. For the past two years, he has been working on a project dedicated to bringing awareness of our country's veterans through the photographic and video medium, called 'Vision of Vets' (www.visionofvets.net). He has photographed and interviewed numerous war heroes and re-enactors in an effort to represent all of the wars our country has participated in. The goal of this project is to raise awareness about the sacrifices these brave men and women have made for their country and to tell their story of why they did what they did. It is a very personal project to Bruce, so when he asked us to photograph him for this project, we were humbly honored.

Prior to the session, we knew how important the project was to Bruce, so we prepared and brainstormed some ideas with Bruce on the story and vision for his image.  We discussed how the Visions for Vets project started, where he wanted to go with the project and, most importantly, why he has dedicated over two years of his life to this project. We all agreed the best way to tell his story was to show him paying respect to all of the veterans who have given their lives for our country while also honoring all of Bruce's friends and family members that served over the years.

The session started with a goal in mind and a plan in place.  Having such a deep connection to the story, Bruce was able to tap into his deep and personal emotions to help us capture and convey his story, as if he was a general preparing to lead his troops into battle. As the session progressed, we knew we had created something special every time we clicked the shutter on the camera. In the end, we couldn't have been more proud of these images, as we felt the portraits truly captured what Bruce was trying to represent.  Most importantly, we were honored to help Bruce share his story of this project.

To learn more about Vision of Vets project, please visit his website, www.visionofvets.net, and see these veterans share their stories through his images.


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Location: Studio 3 Images

Photographers: Studio 3 Images (Andrew, Dave)