An AIRPLANE and a SENIOR, what a great combination!


What do you do when a high school senior tells you she takes flying lessons and has access to a plane for her senior portraits?

Well, Studio 3 Images loves airplanes and everything that has to do with them so, we said, "Lets wake up at 3:30 am, drive an hour to an airport and start the photo shoot right at sunrise!"  Just to clarify, Dave said this because he is our morning person.  Everyone involved loved the idea of a sunrise shoot.  After coordinating with the airport's officials for approval, all was set for this epic event.

We started our journey by heading south towards the Coolidge Airport, because it was a perfect location for a sunrise image.  During our drive to Coolidge, the only sounds were the wind blowing in the air and a few howling coyotes, the town stood still in the pre-dawn hours.  This isolated area was a perfect location to photograph a plane on the tarmac, letting us capture wide open, beautiful sunrise.

When we arrived at the airport, we scouted the area and found an ideal spot on the tarmac.  We were in communication with Lauren (our high school senior) and the pilot as they were leaving Falcon Field to make their way to the Coolidge Airport.  As we unloaded and setup our equipment, we quickly noticed that mosquitos were taking a serious liking to us.  After about 600 mosquito bites to our faces, arms and legs, we realized we did not bring bug spray - during the dry summer months in Arizona, mosquitos are not usually a common problem.  We found out later the mosquitos were a result of a recent and rare early summer rain.  Having previously worked with Lauren during her studio session, she already knew what to expect and was a natural when it came to posing and taking direction.  Aside from the mosquitos, we couldn't have asked for a better setting; an awesome high school senior, a very cool airplane and a location that was amazing.  About 20 minutes into the session, we noticed that our mosquito friends found a new victim; they had decided to swarm around Lauren.  Lauren, being the trooper and perfect model, did not let that bother her and continued to pose as if the mosquitos weren't attacking her.  We spent a solid hour photographing her in as variety of poses and setups.  After the session we stayed around the airport to capture some candid images of Lauren and the pilot as they departed back to their home airport.

By the time we were packed and back on the road, it was still relatively early in the morning.  We were all tired and exhausted, but the images we captured were nothing short of amazing.  It really meant the world to Lauren that we were able to capture this aspect of her life; her love and enjoyment of aviation.  Witnessing Lauren's mom and Lauren's excitement when they came into the studio for their View & Order Session is the reason we do what we do, everyday!  They loved the images, and we loved the images too!


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Location: Coolidge Airport-Coolidge, AZ

Photographers: Studio 3 Images (Andrew, Heidi, Dave)