A very adorable baby named Peyton!

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We received a phone call for a 6 month session here at our studio and had a pleasant conversation with Peyton's mom.  After the phone call, we were very excited to photograph six month old Peyton.  A 6 month old baby can be very cute and a lot of fun.  They also can be the exact opposite because we are pretty much on the baby's schedule.  If he is in a bad mood, typically it is very hard to reverse that.  So, we didn't know exactly what to expect at the session.  

We did a consultation with the mom and educated her on the right time of day to come in based on Peyton's schedule, bring toys and blankets that he is comfortable with and other tips and tricks to ensure a successful session.  Upon arrival at the studio we had the camera room ready, appropriate music playing, a comfortable temperature for Peyton so we could get started right away.  When you are on the baby's schedule you want to maximize every minute you have available due to the unknown's.  We met Peyton at our studio, he was nothing but smiles and such a joy to be around.  He is one of those baby's you instantly smile at because he has a great personality and style.  Speaking of style, he was wearing the cutest little sunglasses when we met him.  He looked like Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun.

Peyton's personality just got better and better, smiles became bigger and bigger and we had such a great time.  We laughed, played and got some of the most adorable portraits we have ever taken.

Towards the end of the session, we found out that Peyton's dad was deployed so we decided to use our American flag to pay tribute to Peyton's father and service for our country.  It just so happened that Peyton's mom had a American flag bowtie with her so we dressed Peyton up and created some artwork!  

We could not wait for the family to see the images so we called the mom immediately after processing the images and scheduled a view and order right away.  They loved all of the images and we can't wait to watch Peyton grow up and we look forward to photographing him in the near future.


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Location: Studio 3 Images

Photographers: Studio 3 Images (Andrew, Dave)


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