Part of being a professional is knowing your equipment

Here at Studio 3 Images, each of the photographers (Heidi, Andrew & Dave) are PPA Certified Professional Photographers.  Another aspect of being a professional, regardless of the industry, is in knowing how to use your equipment.  Imagine going to your dentist and having him ask you to wait a few minutes while he figures out how to use his drill.  Now that may seem like an extreme example, but the effect is the same.  You, the client, will feel much less comfortable and less certain of what you're getting for your money if the 'professional' you went to had to stop mid-session to figure out some piece of equipment.

Sure, we've all had that situation where some piece of equipment breaks, blows a fuse or just isn't working like it should.  The difference is in knowing how to deal with it.  At Studio 3 Images, one of our unwritten rules is to never let a client know if there's an equipment problem.  Each of us knows how to operate our equipment and is able to quickly (and ideally unbeknownst to a client) diagnose and resolve whatever problem may occur.

Part of being able to quickly resolve issues comes from having spare parts and components on hand.  While rare, a blown fuse (yes, that proverbial $0.10 part that stops the $500 flash from working) can be changed in less than a minute.  An incorrectly set frequency on a remote - that can be frustrating and potentially time consuming to figure out, unless you can locate the problem and resolve it with one eye closed and one hand behind your back.  That ability comes from knowing the intricate ins & outs of each piece of equipment we own and operate.  Yes, that knowledge can be hard (and stressfully) earned through experience while on-set with clients, but it's often easier and much less stressful to learn it from the old school technique of simply reading the manual and practicing with the equipment.

Dead batteries - nope, not here.  Part of our studio's workflow, before and after photo sessions, includes keeping equipment charged, clean and ready to go.


Knowing our equipment will function each time we press the shutter. That doesn't happen by chance or accident, that happens because we know how to use and operate our equipment. As professionals, that's part of our commitment to our clients; ensuring each client receives a professional level of service.


When you're ready to experience what it's like to work with professionals, give us a call.  Our studio number is: 480.400.0212