Tracey and Anthony's Beautiful Sedona Wedding

Sedona weddings are a great way to get out of the hot Phoenix weather and have breathtaking views of the red rocks of Sedona.  When you combine gorgeous scenery with a beautiful couple, photographic magic happens and that is exactly what happened during this wedding.

We drove up early in the morning to scout locations to make sure we had a perfect plan to execute for the wedding session.  Tracey and Anthony were the perfect couple since they allowed ample time for us to really get creative and focus on the quality of the portraits.  During the first look under a gazebo, Tracey and Anthony had an emotional moment while Anthony was in awe of how gorgeous Tracey was in her wedding dress.  After the first look, we photographed near the water and trees of Oak Creek while spotting some wild javelina prance through the grass.  Heidi couldn't help but stop and take some images of them, since she had never seen javelina in the wild before.  She also got stung by a bee during an image she photographed on the bridge.  A few hours prior to the ceremony we traveled to an iconic Sedona location where we had the red rocks in the distance and a desert landscape to frame the couple.  It was very hot, but that didn't stop us from laying in the dirt to get the perfect angle!

2018_04_21_Trapani_Anthony and Tracy-2201-Edit-2.jpg

Tracey and Anthony had such an awe inspiring wedding and we were so lucky to be a part of it!


Check out this great review Tracey left us after her wedding.

"First of all, I want to start off by saying if you want beautiful jaw dropping wedding photos you absolutely need to book Studio 3 Images! Andrew and Heidi were our photographers for our Sedona wedding on 4/21/18. They went above and beyond for our wedding and both have an extremely great work ethic. They took their time with each shot to make sure every last photo came out perfectly. Our wedding photos turned out absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking and we are so happy with literally every photo! We had a tight timeline to visit multiple locations in Sedona for different backdrops on our wedding day and my hair & makeup took longer than anticipated so we ended up not having time to visit one of the locations. Andrew and Heidi are such planners and had a couple of back up plans in place just in case that happened. They took us to a beautiful location 5 minutes from the venue where we got the most beautiful pictures! They were so calm, patient and professional the entire day even though the timeline didn't go according to plan. As a bride those are the kind of photographers we need for our big day especially with all the other stress and chaos going on. Andrew & Heidi are a blast to work with - they both have fun personalities and will go to extreme measures to get the perfect shot (for example, poor Heidi got stung by an aggressive bee trying to get the perfect shot near the creek and Andrew climbed through bushes and laid on the ground for those scenic red rock shots). I also want to mention that Andrew shot our engagement pictures in downtown Phoenix and took a huge variety of photos with different backgrounds and completely captured the look we were going for! Our engagement pictures are to die for and we were so blown away. I looked at 15 different photographers before our wedding and as soon as I saw my best friend's engagement photos (Andrew was the photographer for my best friend's engagement & wedding) I knew I had finally found our wedding photographer! I would highly recommend Studio 3 Images to anyone no matter what type of professional pictures you need! "


We are excited to watch this beautiful couple's relationship blossom and continue to grow.

Congrats on your Wedding, Tracy and Anthony

Location: Creekside Inn, Sedona AZ
Photographers: Studio 3 Images (Andrew, Heidi)

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