Photography 101 by Studio 3 Images

We are very passionate about educating and helping develop other photographers and artists in the field of professional photography.  It is our belief that photographers should work together to 'raise the bar' within our industry. I often get asked for tips and tricks to become a better photographer, and the answer to that question is not as easy as one would think.  Photography is not a black and white profession and there is no "magic ticket" to becoming a great artist.  

To start, I would suggest having a thorough understanding of your equipment; know your gear inside and out. There is nothing worse than fumbling around in front of a client while you try to figure out how to set your camera. If you can master your equipment and have it become second nature, you can then focus on the client or the person you are photographing and give them a great experience.

The second piece of advice I like to give photographers is to learn how to talk and interact with people. It makes a huge difference in the client's experience if you are able to make people feel comfortable and connect with them.  This is the biggest problem a photographer faces because typically that is not something they teach you in photography school.  You can learn every technical aspect of the profession, but if you cannot smile and communicate with people it will cause stiff and awkward smiles and poses.  I preach all the time it is more important to learn how to connect with people than anything else in our profession.  If you are nervous talking to people, go out and ask a stranger if you can photograph them.  That will build up the confidence in you to be able to approach every situation with a familiarity and your clients will realize and appreciate that.  People are already nervous and do not necessarily enjoy being photographed, it is our job to put them at ease and make them feel great about themselves.  My favorite saying to live by is "it is better to be interested than interesting." Be interested in who they are and what they like rather than telling them about who you are and what you can do.



Have fun, learn your craft and create lasting memories for your client!


What photographic topic would you like to learn more about?  Next week tune in to learn about why depth of field is important and how to execute.


Written by Studio 3 Images (Andrew)