The sweetest newborn in the world

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Studio 3 Images had the opportunity to photograph the sweetest newborn in the world. We have photographed many newborns, toddlers and children over the years, but Rowen was special. She never made a sound during the session and would give us the sweetest smile every now and then throughout the session. Even when we were moving her around into different poses, Rowen continued to periodically flash that cute smile. The day started off at the client’s home in Glendale, Arizona, where we set up a background and lighting in their family room. Everything had been coordinated and carefully planned so that by the time we were set up, the baby was also ready. We always emphasize how important it is to keep your baby comfortable during the session, since this new world can seem strange at times, especially for a 7 to 10 day old baby. So, if we can arrange to photograph a newborn in the comfort of their home, this helps both the child mom feel more comfortable. Our preference is to have the room set between 80 and 85 degrees, we find that is helps mimic the temperature the baby has been living in for the previous 9 months. Once the newborn has full belly and just fallen asleep, we begin the photography. In order to have the most success during the session, it’s the proper planning beforehand that really allows this to happen. Moving the baby into cute, snuggly poses is the easy and fun part. All the props that were used were beautifully crafted and arranged by the baby’s grandmother, Sherri. Sherri has a beautiful design sense and being in her home, her design aesthetic was beautifully reflected on her walls and decor. After a variety of poses, angles and cute baby smiles, we called it a wrap. It was a genuinely fun and great experience getting to know the parents, grandparents and Rowen, the newborn. We know they enjoyed the session too, they essentially were able to put their feet up and just enjoy watching us photograph their precious newborn.

Photographers: Studio 3 Images

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