A Gorgeous Wedding at the Venue at the Grove

Studio 3 Images has had the good fortune to photograph at many wedding venues around Arizona, but we unfortunately hadn’t had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at the Venue at the Grove…that is, until Julianna and Ryan recently got married. And we cannot wait to return. Venue at Grove is a magnificent location; the details were all perfectly laid out, the coordinator made sure everything ran smoothly and the breathtaking views of the venue made it easy to capture beautiful images of Ryan and Julianna.

The day started out at Ryan and Julianna’s house where we worked with hair and makeup to capture details and candid moments of the ladies getting ready. We all laughed and had so much fun, working together and enjoying the beginning stages of the magical day. As Heidi photographed the details, Andrew photographed the candids of everyone getting ready and, of course, played with Julianna’s dog, Chilly and Ryan’s Basset Hound, Daisy. It was about a 30 minutes drive to the venue, and we planned accordingly, to ensure we arrived at the venue on time. When we arrived, Dave was already there flying the drone and capturing different perspectives to incorporate into the couple’s images and slideshow. Next, it was time to capture the guys getting ready in their small, but quaint room. Ryan was in good spirits, and you could tell he was ready to marry the love of his life. Once Ryan was all dressed, he and Andrew walked to the ‘first look’ area where Ryan would wait to see his beautiful bride in her wedding dress for the first time. Heidi brought Julianna to the rustic door that served as the entryway to where Ryan was waiting. Over the slight din of the drone flying in the air above them, Julianna made her way to Ryan, where they both experienced a touching and emotional ‘first look’. Both were very excited to see each other. After this ‘first look’, their nerves relaxed, and all they had to do was love on each other for next hour before their Ceremony and saying “I do.”

Next it was time for Andrew and Heidi to photograph the pre-ceremony, bridal and family portraits. During this time, Dave continued flying the drone, capturing videos and images while all the portraits were being photographed.

The ceremony was filled with friends and family coming from all over the country. Aside from the officiant, a close friend of theirs, forgetting to let the guests to sit down, it was a flawless ceremony. Everyone got emotional, including the photographers, as Julianna and Ryan said their vows to each other and enjoyed their first kiss as husband and wife.

After the ceremony, we gathered the wedding party along with all the guests in attendance and photographed the entire group, with a twist. Using our drone, our group photo was taken from up high, offering a new and different perspective to the standard ‘group photo’.

The rest of the night was perfect, and we had a gorgeous sunset that we used to capture some amazing images of Julianna and Ryan. Everyone had a great time, as evidenced by the wedding party and guests all dancing under the sparkling lights that lit up the venue and outside dance floor.

You can view their custom slideshow here: Slideshow of Julianna and Ryan’s wedding

20180927_Venue at the grove arizona wedding-18.jpg
20180927_Venue at the grove arizona wedding-19.jpg

Thank you to Venue at the Grove and all the amazing vendors who made the wedding possible.

Venue - Venue at the Grove http://www.venueatthegrove.com/
Cake - Sugarlips Cakery (Mesa) http://sugarlipscakery.com/
Catering - Ensemble Catering http://www.ensemblecatering.com/
Flowers - Bloominous (they have DIY kits you put together) https://bloominous.com/
Hair - Nya Michelle Rutti mrutti@valleymedicalsupplies.com
Makeup - Cristina Jaramillo cristinajaramillo29@yahoo.com
Dress - LUV Bridal http://www.luvbridal.com/
Suits - Jos A. Bank
DJ - Direct Sounds https://www.directsoundsdj.com/

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, please let us know. We would love to create memories together.

Studio 3 Images

-Andrew, Heidi and Dave