Some variety in your photography menu...

Once in a while, we’re asked to photograph something a little different. Like enjoying a variety of tastes across a fine restaurant’s menu, we enjoy photographing items that aren’t on our everyday menu. Such was the case when one of the local wedding venues that we work closely with (Stonebridge Manor) asked us to photograph some items for the upcoming fall menu of their in-house bistro, The Board & Batten. Chef Greg and his talented crew prepared a variety of items, from hors d’oeuvres to desserts, and some tasty items in between!

When you’re ready to update your menu of photographs, give us a call - we’ll be happy to help create some visual wonderfulness!

-Studio 3 Images (Heidi, Dave and Andrew)

2018-08_14_Stonebridge Food Shoot-1098.jpg

Starting with dessert first, because…well, why not?

2018-08_14_Stonebridge Food Shoot-1085.jpg

This bruschetta not only looked great, we sampled a bit of it after taking the photos - and it was equally delicious.

2018-08_14_Stonebridge Food Shoot-1130-Edit-3.jpg

Who said shrimp doesn’t live in the desert?

2018-08_14_Stonebridge Food Shoot-1060.jpg

Some tasty empanadas…yummy with just a hint of heat.

2018-08_14_Stonebridge Food Shoot-1172-Edit.jpg

These juicy sliders had a taste that was 10x larger than their actual size.